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Ian, Licensed Massage Therapist

We are exited to welcome Ian to our team at Theriault Chiropractic & Massage of Gorham. Ian is a graduate of the Downeast School of Massage in Waldoboro, Maine. He started his journey in 2018 with massage after needing a career change from retail. During his training he learned swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and sports massage.

Ian's goals with clients is to get them back to top shape so they can go back to doing whatever it is they love to do. Some of his most rewarding moments are seeing the look of relief when pain is gone and movement is back.

While Ian is not at work he practices MMA, handstand training, making things out of metal and computer codeing.

Ian will be available on Mondays 9am-5pm and Thursdays 11:30am-7:30pm,


Jill, Licensed Massage Therapist

My name is Jill Hayden. I am a nationally certified licensed massage therapist. I have been practicing as a massage therapist since 1997 and have been a nationally certified instructor of Isometric Muscle and Body Balancing since 2000.

I have always had a passion for helping others by working in the medical field. I started out as a paramedic and then moved into working as a physical therapist aid in a fast-paced, intense physical therapy unit for 6 years starting in 1989. But in 1994 I found myself being the one in need. That year I became disabled after a serious injury to my right arm. I was unable to move my arm at all and was in excruciating pain. I went to many doctors and physical therapist but never received any comfort from the pain and with no function of my arm. After three and a half years in this state I became very desperate. At this point I heard about a retired massage therapist who owned and operated her own massage school for 50 years. After the first treatment I was able to move my arm again and the pain improved, slowly after more treatments the pain went away completely.

Now, with the desire to help others as I had been helped, I was instructed by this therapist. With my medical background, desire to help, and personal experience I became a fast and outstanding student. Practicing for the last 23 years has made me an expert in this field. I specialized in an array of problems including MS, MD, strokes, brain injuries, TMJD, RSD and isolated muscle/joint problems to name a few.

Jill is available Tuesdays 7:45am-5:30pm, Wednesdays 12:00pm-6:00pm, and Fridays 7:45pm-5:00pm

Maegan, Chiropractic Assistant

Maegan worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant and loved helping others in any way possible. She took a short break from the medical field to try sales as a possible career path. Within less than a year she was itching to get back to hands on assistance and making a difference in people’s lives. Maegan's main goal is to be the light in someone’s day-no matter what it takes. She is working towards her own health and fitness goals and is happy to be helping clients reach theirs along the way! When Maegan is not in the office, she loves going to the gym, cooking new recipes, exploring places she has never been and spending time with her family and friends.


Kayla has spent the last twelve years in the early education field, as a preschool teacher and childcare director. She recently decided that a career change was just what she needed, but wanted to continue to work directly with people and make a difference. In addition to working in the office, Kayla coaches tumbling classes, competitive cheerleading teams, and travels New England teaching choreography and coaches clinics.  Kayla also loves spending her free time at the beach with her dog, kayaking and baking.

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