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"For as long as I can remember, my back has been so ticklish that at times even a hug from my wife would be uncomfortable. A massage would be out of the question. Dr.T informed me it was because the muscles in my back were irratated. After several soft muscle treatments and adjustments, I no longer have the same ticklish sensation during treatments and my wife can touch my neck and I dont squirm. Thanks Dr.T. "

--Mike F.  


"I NEVER write a coment on anything that I have experience d before in the service world....B UT..I have had back problems for over 30 yrs. and have had well over 100 plus massages to help in keeping the pain at a minimal..W ell today I went to Therialt Chiropract ic and Massage in Gorham for a Massage and had a young lady named Stephanie. ....Out of the hundreds of Massages I've had over the years, she , (by far ) is the best I have experience d..Thank you Therialt Chiopracti c and a big thank you to Stephanie. ......"

--Sonny M.

"I have been been a patient here for over a year now. When I first started going, I had chronic pain in my lower back that was inhibiting my lifestyle. I felt like an invalid all the time. I now have my life back and find myself doing things I was not able to do before. Dr. T and all of her staff always give me such physical pain relief and lift my spirits as well. I am truly indebted to all of them. They are so important to me that I drive all the way from Biddeford to Gorham. I am sure I could find chiropractic care closer to home but I am not willing to give up the great care I receive. I can't imagine where I would be now without the support of the crew at Theriault Chiropractic."

--Karen M.  



"So friendly, efficient and takes time for my individual needs and assessments.
I'm just beginning but can already feel the difference!"

--Dena W.

"I came in 5 months ago when I screwed up my knee and ankle! Got treatment and orthotics and I am pain free!"

--Anthony A.


"Thank you Dr T. and EXCELLENT staff for helping me walk for Christmas! What a gift! You all ROCK! Feeling SOOO much better."

--Kristen B.

"Dr. Theriault and staff are AMAZING!! A few adjustments, exercise and therapy and I can do simple every day things without pain! Thank you all for your excellent care and great smiles ... positive energy every time I walk through the door!"

--Karey M.

 "This place is absolutely amazing! I highly recommend to anyone wanting to better their Heath! Dr. T and the whole team are amazing!!!"

--Angie F.

"Dr. Theriault has worked miracles with me! In just a couple visits I feel huge relief and look forward to future treatment. She is and educator as much as a chiropractor. Wonderful experience."

--Bethany K.

"Excellent Chiropractor! She is friendly, very professional and makes you feel at home. If you are in the area do not hesitate and go see her. By far the best!"

--Sheynid G.


"Great place. I was a train wreck and they fixed me up and made me feel like my old self again. Not to

mention how they helped me support my business allowing me to share my quality whole leaf teas with

their patients. In addition I was able to do a tea tasting at their yearly event. www.purelyteas.com Thank you"

--Pauline L. 

"Dr.Theriault is unlike any other Chiropractor I've been to. She takes her time, actually listens to you, is very considerate, and takes care of "the whole you". Dr. Theriault is up to date on the latest technology and treatments. I always feel great when I leave her office and that counts for a lot. You can tell she enjoys her work as much as her patients!"

--Chelsie C.



"I had never been to a chiropractor before, so I was not sure what to expect the first time I went to see Dr. Theriault. She was very professional and explained what she was going to do, which helped ease my nerves. I felt wonderful when I left and was very impressed. Now I look forward to being adjusted by Dr. Theriault. I encourage anyone who isn't sure about chiropractic to give it a try. One session with Dr. Theriault and you will be convinced. It worked for me."

--Nikki T. 

"All the staff are professional!
I won a full do-over from a work-fair we had. I was curious so I went to see what is was about. It was a total over haul of your spine to how they could help you overcome these issues. So far it's been almost 2 months and I feel like a new person. I think Heather's amazing, along with the other machines that help get deep into the muscles to stop and alleviate all areas of pain. Traction therapy works great and has helped immensely. I totally recommend this place and cannot forget Sarah and her amazing massages. Thank you for everything."

--Jackie W.      

"I highly recommend Dr. Theriault! She is very knowledgeable and practical, and has been an invaluable source of information during my pregnancy. She explains exactly what she is doing and why, and graciously made time to see me for whatever discomforts I was experiencing. Not only is she amazing at what she does, but she is very caring and passionate, making the entire experience fantastic! I have also entrusted her with the chiropractic care of my newborn son, including his first adjustment after delivery. She is wonderful with patients of all ages! Thank you for the care and healing!" 

--Emily C.



"I have never been to a Chiropractor until May. I had always had severe migraines since 2001 and was on/off medications for it. Then I changed my diet and added exercise which seemed to help but didn't cure my problem. Then I met Dr. Heather Theriault at a mutual friends event and got a free scan and realized I needed to start treatment. I started seeing Dr. Theriault 3 times per week and now I am down to once a week and occational emergency visits. I have to say her treatment plan has cured me from taking medication and I feel better. Also her flexible hours and the office's ability to work with me has been a huge relief. Thank you Dr. Heather. I would refer and recommend her and her staff to anyone!"

 --Kathryn S.

"There isn't enough room to write all the good things regarding the good doctor."

--Jeff B.



"All aspects of my life have improved since I started Chiropractic care. I am able to do my complete workout regimen, which includes jogging, weight lifting, and abdominal work without pain. My energy level has certainly increased. Thank you Dr. Theriault for all the effort you put into my care!"

--Scott S.

"I feel blessed to be in Dr. Theriault's care. She is truly committed to her patients' well being and listens when concerns are shared and offers guidance and explanations. She knows that healing takes place on all levels- physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. Thank you Dr. T!"

--Tracey M.

"I'd have to say my only problem with Chiropractic care is that I waited too late to start it! I've never felt this good- even as a teenager! My technique while golfing has improved only after a few weeks of treatment! I look forward to a life with less pain and improved activities. Thank you for making me feel like a priority- I definitely feel that you enjoy what you do and take pride in helping others."

- Michael N.

 “I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate all you do for us! Thank you so much for keeping us healthy. I think we take it for granted! Your office feels very homey and my entire family is getting amazing results from a wonderful chiropractor!”

- Emily R.

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